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The area where the image of the sight will be projected is called Retina. For general understanding, it is like the Theatre screen wherein the image will be project for clarity. Those images will be neurologically coded and is sent to the brain to experience the feeling.

This sub-specialty is very critical because diseases affecting the retina has to be managed immediately for major cases. It may so happen many times that by the time we diagnose the condition, the vision may be permanently lost.

Diabetic Retinopathy

Retinal complication due to the complication of diabetes, and is termed Diabetic Retinopathy. Because of damage to blood vessels, the vision is grossly impaired and patient experiences loss of vision in some areas as seen in the image

Retinal Detachment

The layer of the eye where the image is displayed some times peels off causing visual impairment. Patients will have clear-cut symptom wherein the vision is layered out and it will be the classical sign of the condition

Macular Degeneration

Macula being the center of visual accuracy, the area where the patient intends to see will be blackened and the surrounding area will be seen properly. The classic visual image is show below

Retinal Dystrophy

Conglomerate of many conditions that can be genetic or acquired. The main symptom of this eye condition is tunnel vision. This retinal condition may not have any external manifestation but can be clinically diagnosed by its classical symptoms.

One thing patient to know is that these conditions are better prevented than cured. It is hence advised to consult a doctor once a year at least after 40 years. 

If one has a diabetes or hypertension, it is advisable to consult an ophthalmologist so that such conditions can be identified and delay the progress to improve the quality of life.

Many times, patient will approach a doctor at the last stages and in such cases the outcome will be poor.

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