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Cornea & External Eye Diseases

The diseases affecting the externally visible part of the eyeball come under this section. They affect majorly the Cornea (clear transparent layer the cover the center part of the eye) iris, (the pigmented or colored radiating structure), the lens, Sclera – the white part, conjunctiva – a thin layer covering the sclera and most importantly the eyelids.

Several disease conditions affect these structure causing pain, teary eyes, redness with profuse discharge. This may many times also cause blurred vision and some time complete temporary blindness

Corneal Ulcers

An open sore on the cornea is in simple words called corneal ulcer. Ulcer is a tissue damage that may be temporary or permanent. The cause for such ulcers are infection, physical or chemical injury, drying of cornea due to long exposure to air, and can also be due to over use of contact lenses. If not taken care, it may lead to loss of vision and hence blindness.


Thinning of the cornea creates a bulge due to the internal pressure of the eye. This condition is called Keratoconus and this may lead to blurry vision, refractive errors and including double vision


Pterygium is a triangular member on the eye and slowly growing towards the center of the eye. It is very difficult to miss this condition as it is very obviously seen with naked eye. One can see that as in the image below.

Fuch's Dystrophy

The outer layer of the cornea looses its function to cause corneal swelling and that results in clouding of the vision. This condition may not be identified by looking into that but with its symptoms of dryness, image clouding and irritation of the eye

Refractive Errors

The normal function of the eye will be disturbed because of the physical nature of the eye ball size or the refractive nature of the cornea and lense

One good thing about these conditions are they are external in nature and hence easy to observe by patients themselves or their near ones. Some conditions are very painful and hence approach doctors immediately.

These conditions are easily manageable and like any other conditions, early identification will always have good outcome.

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