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Physical anomalies or deformities of the eyes within the orbit (eye socket) can be termed as ocular anomalies. Correcting for cosmetic reason through surgeries is termed as Oculoplasty. The deformities can be for eyelids, tear ducts and to some extent the face. Oculoplasty is the science of reconstructing the eye and associated structures

Tumors, both cancerous and non-cancerous will deform the eye and the structures within the eye socket. Hence management of cancer would be in conjunction with oculoplasty.

Lid Malpositions

Ectropion, similar to this image, but the eye lid rolls outside. As the lid sags outward, the inner eye is will be exposed to dust, air and hence causing excessive tearing and irritation

Entropion a condition wherein the eyelid (lower) rolls inside and rubs the eye ball. The eye lashes sometime irritates the eyes causing uncomfortable to the patient

Ptosis is a condition wherein the upper eyelid droops and covers some part of the cornea. As the day proceeds, the condition may increase because of weakness.

Lid Tumours

A growth on the eyelid – either cancerous or non-cancerous form deformity of the eye lid. The extent of the disease is based on the type of tumor and requires appropriate treatment


Is a rare cancerous tumor affecting the retina seen mostly among children of all age group. This is highly malignant and needs to be managed at the earliest.

It is very difficult to know because of its location and the symptoms may be vague and since it affects mainly kids, they may not in a position or do not know how to express it out.

As a parent, if you observe the below sign, then it is the time to approach your eye doctor at the earliest. It is a classical Yellow reflex in the eye

Thyroid Eye diseases

Eye manifestation of the Thyroid condition. The classical condition is an  exophthalmos wherein the eye ball protrude out of the socket.

One of the common eye condition affects females more than males.

Most of the conditions that needs oculoplasty can be identified. Some are obvious and some needs careful observations, especially the Retinoblastoma that is life threatening if missed by parents.

The outcome is good for non-cancerous malformations and that again depends on the age of the patients. Younger the age, good outcome.

Both cancerous and non-cancerous tumours that need oculoplasty post removal of the tumour, is to maintain or regain the cosmetic part of the eye.

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