• Integrated Eye Care, NABH accredited centre.

    We bring in holistic care of your eyes. We cater to all the needs of the patients by involving doctors across all the specialties that influence your eye disease conditions.

We Care Eye Care

Our Ophthalmologists
Preventive Checks
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Our Ophthalmologists

Ophthalmology (Eye Specialists) is all about caring your eyes and most of them involves either short procedure or surgeries. The outcome of the care depends on the experience of the doctors and our doctors put in 15 + years of experience, in this specialised area. 

Preventive Checks

If you are a Diabetic (Sugar) or Hypertensive (Blood Pressure), it is mandatory to visit the doctors at regular intervals. Our structured protocols will help in early detection of the eye conditions that are affected by Diabetes or Hypertension, and in some cases, we could alert for early interventions.

Our Retail Store

To help ease our patients, we have a retail spectacle / contact lenses / in-house pharmacy store within the premises. They will closely work with our clinical team to make sure to offer custom products to our patients. To ensure high level of quality, we have tied up with the best brands available in the market. 

Range of Services

Our range of service includes that are listed below. Ours is a NABH accredited hospital and we take care of the patients to ensure them the best treatment for their disease condition. We proactively work towards patients education as this plays vital role in understanding the disease better and hence take the appropriate decision when need be. Our services are majorly on the below parts / conditions of the eye. 

Our Commitment

We are evolving through commitment towards safeguarding the stakeholders at every level. We decided to go in for NABH accreditation to bring in standards in our treatment protocols and patients safety. 

On xx/xx/xx, we were certified by the board and were awarded NABH for Eye Care Organisation.


When people talk about eye donation, it is all about Cornea. A thin transparent structure that is visible to the naked eyes.


A dark screen where the image of the vision falls. A delicate layer that does the function of the screen in a cinema theatre.


The pressure of the eye ball is maintained to keep all the functions of the structure within the eye ball. 


A surgery to correct the anatomy of the eye that are visible to others. It brings back the cosmetic look for your eyes.


A science that work in coordination with the nervous system and eyes. They are integral for normal functioning of the eyes

Paediatric Ophthalmology

With growing awareness on eyes, child ophthalmalogy has gained traction to safeguard the eyes of children as a speciality

Our Doctors

With more than 15 years of experience across many state of the art Eye hospitals, mastered their skills in diagnosing and operating eye disease conditions. 


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